About Bruce

My name is Bruce McCoubrey, I am a travel writer based in beautiful British Columbia. Originally from Dublin, Ireland, I studied and lived in Oxford and London, before emigrating to Vancouver in 2003, spending the last 15 years here with my two children. 

My first passion has always been the water. I am a former professional underwater cameraman, marine conservationist and PADI divemaster with over 1500 tropical and temperate water dives under my (dive) belt. My writing and photos have appeared in Diver, Sport Diver and a variety of conservation and lifestyle publications. Our Islands & Coastlines section will help you navigate new sights both above and beneath the waves.

In 2006, I discovered a new ‘aqua’ passion-open water swimming. This is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and is now an Olympic sport. I have competed over distances of up to and including 10km in open water.  I have also swum around the remote Island of Espiritu Santo in Baja Mexico; between all the major Islands of the British Virgin Islands; swam from Alactraz Island to San Francisco at sunrise, to name just a few.  Let me help you get your feet wet with this exciting new travel trend, in our Swim Travel section!

I am also a mindfulness teacher. So I want to help you explore some of the dizzying array of new and unique retreat offerings in our Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat section. I’ll be enlightening you with some of the latest trends, retreats and advice to make your downward dog, that much more comfortable.

Finally, British Columbia, Vancouver and Canada is world reknowned for its unique lifestyle opportunities, ‘super’ natural landscape and world class cities . Whether you’re seeking ideas for luxury hotels, glamping* with the family, or a romantic night out on the town, I hope you’ll see our beautiful country in an exciting new light in our Canada and British Columbia section.